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CACTIS, a faux cactus device that imitates pet-like responses to changes in temperatures of user’s interior environments. While there is a plethora of measuring devices for indoor temperatures, they do not facilitate human-environment interactions and do not put the users in a global context to help understand the climates around the world. Through CACTIS, we strive to understand and influence how users can be more environmentally conscious by surfacing environment problems in an interactive way. The design explores using a plant in a pet-like fashion that would live in the user’s most vulnerable areas - such as in the bedroom, bedside, or living area.


Please view the paper Making Global Warming Visible: The Interactive CACTIS submitted to CHI 2018 Late Breaking Work on issuu


Project manager, Designer, Co-author 

Problem space research, market research, user research, morphological chart, storyboard, co-design, 3D prototypes, user testing


September 2017 - December 2017

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