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Cornell law school


With the recent renovations, Cornell Law School is successfully transitioning into blending current design trends into the history and gravitas of its architecture. However, throughout the building there are still many improvements to be made with each hall visibly different than the other with limited signage and accessibility, complicating its brand identity. This design proposal merges classical and modern design elements to create a unified identity that is manifested in the physical space.

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The virtual walk through for the final stage renderings is provided below. 


Product manager, UX designer, VR specialist

Law school trends and office trends research, literature review, surveys, design analysis, design concept, design goals, VR walk-through


September 2018 - December 2018

VR Walk-through

This virtual walk through was created with a 3D model created in SketchUp 2018, 3D rendering tools available in Twinmotion 2019, and video-editing technology provided in iMovie. 

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